Choices and Consequences

These pieces were originally created for a group show entitled Choices & Consequences. 


Choices & Consequences


These paintings were created in 2014 for a group show at Mooney Center Gallery entitled Choices & Consequences. They were meant to each emit a visual paradox that both attracted and repelled. 

We live in a society where commitments have become recyclable. Eternal vows can easily be retracted. So-called “mistakes” can be undone. Choices are often driven by impulse, and the consequences of such choices are masked through a variety of outs. The concept of “Undo” has become second nature to us. It is a tool we use in the simplest of ways every day as we go about our lives. However, in looking at the concept of commitment of past societies, and our definition of it today, we can see that the term has since become diluted. The reality is that death is perhaps the only definitive notion of permanence that we experience. 


This series has been exhibited at Mooney Center Gallery and Lumen Winter Gallery (NY)