Alina Bachmann

Alina is an award-winning artist and designer skilled in a variety of media.

Sharing a love for nature with a passion for art, much of her work is inspired by wildlife.  Over the past decade, she has partnered with many animal rescues and non-profit organizations to promote a variety of conservation efforts. One of her most celebrated projects, Person of the Forest, was recognized by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums in 2012 and remains on display at the Milwaukee County Zoo.

As a full-time Graphic Designer for the Wildlife Conservation Society, Alina creates material for its global web properties and campaigns such as 96 Elephants, as well as its NYC parks, which include the Bronx Zoo, Central Park Zoo, and New York Aquarium. Since 2009, she has also served as the artist-in-residence for Orangutan Outreach in Manhattan.

Alina earned her Bachelor of Fine Art in Studio Art and maintains technical skill in drawing, painting, and sculpture.  She has exhibited extensively across the United States, and most recently China. Her art appears in private collections all over the world.



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